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Research shows that drying your hands properly, on disposable paper towels rather than hot air dryers - could be vital to avoid transmission of COVID-19, as the transmission of microbes is more likely to occur from wet skin.

To wash your hands effectively, it needs to be done with clean water and soap. Hands should be rubbed together for at least 20 seconds, followed by rinsing. The use of soap is particularly important for handwashing to be effective as research has shown that washing with soap significantly reduces the presence of microbes (viruses and bacteria) on hands.

But one often overlooked part of handwashing, is hand drying – which is also integral to effective hand hygiene.

Hand drying not only removes moisture from the hands but it also involves friction, which further reduces the microbial load and the environmental transfer of microorganisms. And the transmission of microbes is more likely to occur from wet skin than dry skin.

Click here to read more about this article on The World Economic Forum's website.

Inter-fold hand towels are dispensed one at a time and present the next towel ready for use, reducing cross-contamination and waste.

With c-fold hand towels people tend to 'grab' the towels in the dispenser and pull out a handful of towels at a time - something which is much more difficult to do with an inter-fold or multi-fold towel.

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